Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy for Spring!

My heart gets so much happier as the days get longer and everything around me starts to green up. I love looking forward to spending time outside with my family and taking pictures of how happy they are. It simply makes for happy times around here!

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend Easter at home this year. No traveling, and no place to be for the entire day! My BIL and mom came over to celebrate with us. It was really just simple fun! We enjoyed our brunch and then sent the guys outside to hide the eggs. We had teased the kids that we'd stayed up until "at least 5 in the morning" stuffing all the eggs for the hunt. It was really cute that they believed us, because "that's a whole buncha eggs!" Here are some happy shots of them with their prized eggs both during and after the hunt!
It was kind of hard to get the right light on them on the pics inside. I still need to mess around with that. I also got some really cute action shots of them running all around the yard that I need to do some Photoshopping to still. We put change in about a third of the eggs, but depending on how much cash we might have, we put a few dollar bills in some as well. It was so funny to watch J run around looking for the eggs he actually remembered finding dollars in last year. We were sure he was simply bypassing a bunch of the eggs to look for the "good" ones!

In other happy news, I found my very gorgeous Personal Scrapper kit on my porch earlier this week! That's something else that makes my heart happy! The month is beautiful Basic Grey papers...

 I love how Erica's stuck in the 6x6 papers the last few times as well! That totally helps me not worry about wasting an entire sheet -which I do WAY too often! Silly, I know! I can't wait to get into the stash and get going! I'm lovin' those Scenic Route chippy flowers. I've got a crop party coming up for my birthday with all my scrappy, crafty friends in the area! Can't wait to pack this up for it!

Speaking of Personal Scrapper, I was tagged by my scrappy friend Lisa for this blog chain. You probably know her- she designs for The Scrappiest! Love her stuff (although I question her taste in baseball teams, I do love her taste in names!)
I am suppose to list 10 things that make me happy:

1) Being with my family

2) Watching the sun set

3) Hanging out at the ballpark (particularly the one nick-named The Safe!)

4) Getting a pedicure

5) Date night!

6) Starbuck's hot chocolate (original!)

7) Seeing the light bulb go on in my kids when I'm teaching

8) Seeing I've made a difference in the lives of the kids I teach

9) Spending time just visiting with friends

10) Getting crafty

Now I am to list 5 pieces of trivia about me:

1) I was in every choir my high school had during the time I was there (except the men's quartet-obvious reason, of course!)

2) I have a secret desire to be a dancer for Janet Jackson (if she's not too old, neither am I!)

3) I seem to be drawn to boy bands - Beatles to Backstreet.

4) I met my dear, darling husband while working at Dairy Queen.

5) I severely swore against scrapbooking when I first saw it (don't really know why... silly girl!)

Thanks Lisa! That was fun!

Now I need to tag FIVE bloggers to continue to chain:

1) Audrey

2) Lisa M

3) Jewels

4) Chloe

5) Tina

~Til next time <3


Joy-N-Jesus said...

carly, Thanks for the tag and sweet time learning more about you! Your blog looks great! Adorable pics of your kids! So so cute

Chloe :-) said...

Aw such sweet pics of your kids Carly! Thanks for the tag ;-) how fun!

LisaM said...

Thanks for the tag Carly! Your kids are just adorable! Also- I love the colors of your blog!