Friday, February 18, 2011

SKetchabilities #41

Thanks everyone for the love you've left here and on FB for my exciting announcement! I think I'm a bit in denial right now (yeah, still!) Such an amazing opportunity! I can't wait to get started on my first Punky Album! Since I'm off work today, I keep meaning to get in my craft room, and when I think of stuff I want to work with, all I keep thinking is, "That would be so cool in a mini-album!" So I guess some layouts and cards will have to do for now... :) Erica is having another crop at PersonalScrapper-extended for slow scrappers like me even- so I need to get some stuff done for that too. I think I will plunk tomorrow away near completely for ME. What a concept, huh?

It was sunny out today, and I tried to get a few shots of the kids. They will work, but  I was really hoping we'd make it outside, but it just never happened. Maybe when Miss A wakes up from her nap I can grab a few shots. Totally needing some great pics to get my mojo jump started I think. Speaking of pics, I'm on the lookout for a great photog/Photoshop class to take-either or both really. If the sun and moon align just right, I can get some really great shots, but I'm wanting needing to learn to do some stuff on my own. Leave me a little line here if you've got some ideas for me, k?

I haven't had a chance to post my take on Karan's latest sketch, so here it is...
I loved this one (always do!) I wasn't able to get a bigger pic, so I opted for smaller one to fill it in.

This gorgeous Bo Bunny paper is courtesy of my Personal Scrapper Secret Sister Erica! We actually ended up having each other- too funny! She completely spoiled me seeing as how she's got access to all my favorite scrappy things! I did, however, have to hide a few of my peanut M&Ms since that was the first thing my little darlings noticed! Can't wait to play with some more! I was MORE than happy to find her some goodies as sort of a thank you for all she does for us each month. She really is an amazing business owner and person! Love ya Erica!
Need to go get the little one up from her nap so she doesn't stay up all night. We're headed out with some friends to go bowling with a bunch of our kiddos, so we're pretty stoked for that :)

~Til next time <3


Lynn said...

I've had my eye on this class...just not sure it's in my budget right now (gotta use the money on the supplies!)

Also thought I'd show you this site...great for printing pictures of smaller size...perfect for the Punky albums! And they're having a sale thru Feb!

Lynn said...

Found this one too. It's more about composition than the actual camera settings I think. It is cheaper too!

Erica said...

Ahhh, thanks Carly! I am so happy we have got to know each other! That is so funny that we had each other! I LOVE what you sent me! I used my new Starbucks mug today :)
I can't wait to scrap that October Afternoon papers. I will send you pics when I do.

Thanks so much friend!!