Friday, December 19, 2008

starting out

Wow, it's probably about time I started doing this... for a scrapper who's a little concerned about getting thoughts down on pages, I know this is the way to do it. Thanks to the PS girls for giving me a little nudge (even if they didn't know they did!) We'll see how often I can post, and I'll keep this one short as it's way too late and Paul is asleep on the couch right now...

We've started our vacation a little early as we have about two feet of snow on the ground. The road crews are working round the clock just to keep the emergency and bus routes clear (thanks Dennis! I appreciate you and your crew even if the rest of the city is complaining!) The kids are loving it but I might get a little stir crazy if I can't leave the house soon. There's plenty of Christmas shopping, wrapping, and even a little decorating left to do, so I can look at it as just getting a little gift of time!

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