Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to the Grind (maybe...)

Well, it is the 8th of January (I think!) and I've worked one day so far this week. For now, I should have to work tomorrow, but who knows! We've been snowed in, iced in, and flooded in so far... Not sure what else could even happen!! It's been kind of fun getting an extended break. God knows I needed to get stuff done! LOL! But I realize I also thrive on habits and having things be "normal." So, I guess it will all work out. A friend said we'll be using loads of expletives in June when we will probably have to go a little longer, but it was nice while it lasted!

We'll see how soon I can get back here and post again. I need to finish my Scraps of Us stuff and get it all loaded up. Plus I really, and I mean REALLY need to kick it into gear with my National Boards stuff. That will be my big stress for the next few months. Arghhh! What on Earth was I thinking??! Well, I can't let the team down, so, off to work I go!

Til next time...

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