Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top Secret Rush...

No pics to post as I need to keep them to myself for just a bit longer! Don't know if this little leap will get me anywhere, but we'll see!! The rushing part would explain the insane hour I'm up at right now! Not quite sure what I'm thinking, but I always like to put myself up against crazy deadlines! Pandora is playing in the background keeping me going, but hopefully, once I hit the bed, I'll be able to sleep soundly!

We are headed off to the other side of the state on Monday. It should be a great trip! The first part will be a family reunion of sorts with Paul's family. Very excited about the water parks! I did look on the map and we are just a bit too far away to do any vampire hunting! LOL!! (My Twilight love has gotten the best of me!) When we leave there after just 3 days, we head up to Seattle to my brother's wedding! Will have pics from all as J and A are ring bearer and flower girl!

Enough for tonight!
;) C

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