Friday, July 31, 2009

Cybercrop and Wedding Stars

It's a busy weekend! Scraps of Us is having the first annual Winter Cybercrop!! Vicki has prizes, loads of challenges and fun games! Be sure to head over there! Along with that, here's a sneak peak of the projects I did for the crop!

Layout Challenge- Use only scraps or strips of paper to create a layout! Then embellish!

Use this sketch to create a winter card! (NO laughing at my sketches! I'm terrible with straight lines!)

Here's my version of the sketch!

Another card challenge!-
This one has step-by-step directions if you head over to Scraps of Us!

Lastly, I wanted to post some pics from the big event last weekend! My beautiful babies were in my little brother's wedding! It was terribly hot and was both outside and inside an unairconditioned event hall! My kids were AMAZING! I was soooo proud of them! I figured J would be good once he was ok with the monkey suit (reminding him he looked just like Grandpa and his uncles helped!). He just stood there like a trooper with the guys, with the sun beating down on him!

And then there was Miss A! Auntie was the crafty thinker and bought a Hello Kitty Pez holder and tucked it in with her bouquet! When Sissy got a little restless, Auntie and Pez to the rescue! It was perfect! The only small glitch was that J accidently "bumped" her on the way up and she spilled her petals. She worked hard to pick them all up with a little help from brother and the wedding coordinator! It was so sweet! I'm so proud of them both!

Welp, off to get scrappy! Wish me luck!

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