Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I'm listening to the rain fall as I type this entry. Father's Day is pretty quiet here in our household. For us though, it's kind of a treat. My dear hubby is sitting on the couch reading the Sunday paper, and I'm finishing up a few projects to post. The kids are playing nicely upstairs (yeah, I know I really shouldn't have put that down-I may just jinx it!) keeping themselves busy. We may head out in a bit to go watch Toy Story 3. No pressures though. It's awfully nice to just do what we like.

This will most likely be one of our last few free Sunday mornings. The church we attend has been meeting Sunday evenings since before we started there over four years ago. So things have changed, and we've decided to move back to morning meetings. This is just something about our church that I love so much. We are just so relaxed and flexible and have the ability to just talk about things like this and make things happen to fit our community's needs... Just makes me smile thinking about it (even if it does mean dragging myself out of bed a bit earlier!)

I do have a couple of things to show you. The first is a card I made using gorgeous Crate Paper - Paper Doll from a PersonalScrapper add-on kit a couple of months ago (Erica should know to just send anything with CP in it without needing to ask by now! )

This was a card I made for A's dance teacher. She began as the teacher's assistant, but ended up needing to take the class over as the main teacher was having some complications in her pregnancy. A just loved her and was so excited to go to dance. It made our first dance experience a great one! I'll post some dance pics and maybe even a LO up later this week.

I also have the sketch for this month at SCRaPDANGo. I had fun creating the sketch and am feeling more and more confident in creating them. I need to get some info on downloading some other elements to include, so if you have any ideas for me, please let me know! Right now, I have PhotoShop Elements 5. I don't really know if it's necessary to upgrade to anything else, so I'll love to hear what you think on that too!

And here's my take on it... It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but I was able to create lots of layers and dimension in this one. The larger stars are punched from cardboard (my favorite thing to do right now!) and I added Glossy Accents to the stars on top of them. I totally swiped Kerryn's idea of the raised border cuz I LOVED it so much!
I thought I was running out of ideas for pics with this kit and didn't want to overuse B&W or sepia. So another funny thing happened. I was reading Stacy Julian's blog the other day (she's SO my hero!) and she was talking about color in LOs. She said not to worry about matching everything just so. That we choose colors based on emotion and to go ahead and let our emotion from pictures match everything up for us (OK, so at least that's what I got out of it!) Well Stacy--I did that, and low and behold, this pics I came up with match just perfectly!

I'll leave you with a pic of me and MY daddy... This was at my brother's wedding last summer (it was 100+ in a place that normally rains 75% of the year! Love you Dad!

Hope your day is spectacular!
~Til next time <3


skrapkat said...

Great sketch and layout Carly, think I am going to give that one a whirl too! You have motivated me! Hope you are well xx

Marie Levite said...

Love your card and page. That sketch is awesome!

~jan said...

What a great photo of you and your Dad. :) Such a beautiful card too, I bet the dabce teacher loved it! Love the sketch you made along with the layout-fab work!