Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I finally had a successful post on the Scrapbook Calls Blog! Yippee!! Last time didn't go so hot, so I was so nervous about how this one would turn out! I figured out what I missed last time, so tonight it went soooo much more smoothly! Yea!! So glad! That was a huge thing hanging on me!

It is crazy-hard to believe that tomorrow is already Thursday! Wow! It's kind of nice having short work weeks (thanks to Labor Day) but then it tends to seem as though there's more to get done in fewer days! We had a great extended weekend camping with some friends (I'll have to upload pics later as they're on the other machine- go figure!) The kids had a blast, our friends are the proud new owners of bicycles and fun was had by all! J saw a snake in a tree and got to hold a frog we found swimming in the river. My little reptilian boy was very much in Heaven! Miss A got to hold Buddy the dog and take him for walks (thanks Brenda!) so she got her puppy fix! We can also even say we survived our first rainy family experience! Such fun!

I need to get scrapping on some stuff, but I just haven't been able to get stuff going. This time of year is really rough for that. With getting schedules set and adding new things like homework to the mix (blast, those teachers! :) hehe!) things are tricky still. I know it's just a matter of time til it gets all worked out! It always does!

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