Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun-Filled Ocean Adventure

We are finally home... *sigh*  It was an amazing trip, that's for sure. We truly do have a fabulous time whenever we are out camping, and this was nothing different from that. So, combine the love of camping along with our love of the Oregon Coast, what more could you ask for? It's a heckuva long trip each way by car, so when you add the trailer to it (and the 3 gas stops along the way) I think it was somewhere around 10 hours each way. YIKES!

I am super stoked to get scrappy with the pics I took. Even sent them off, and have already picked them up from Costco - so proud of myself! I'll share a few of those with you and hopefully get to some scrapping soon!

These first couple are from pre-fireworks festivites. My town isn't really a small town, so we have a pretty big event for the 4th, but we've never really gone all-out for it. This was another story! WOW! What an experience!

Here's the best sunset shot I could get. Paul was sooo disappointed that we didn't get to watch the sun sink all the way to the ocean, but I think this one wasn't too terrible of an exchange! History buffs would know that the next pic is with the grand duo of Lewis and Clark. (Even they dress up for the 4th!)

I didn't get as many beach shots as I'd have liked. It was super bright, and I still need some work on my photog skills for this. The kids had a blast in the water and the sand, and they still gave me plenty of scrapping inspiration!

Way excited to get my BIL to take this shot of the fam--in front of the sign leading up the drive to the actual house from the Goonies! I know I have a copy of that movie somewhere, but can I find it?? Of course not!! I just can't even envision how they made the it look like a whole city block, because it so TOTALLY isn't! There wasn't even enough room to get a wider shot (and cause I only brought my zoom with me).
Most of the summer on the Oregon Coast, it's probably in the mid 60s. If you're lucky, you might get a spell that's a bit warmer. Well, for us, it was A LOT warmer! I never did see what the official high was, but I believe it was near 100 by afternoon... I'm sweating thinking about it! Everywhere we went that day, all the local folks were telling everyone else that it just NEVER gets that hot. Craziest thing though, by evening, it literally dropped 20+ degrees in just a couple of hours. We ended up cooling off in a little lake on the grounds of where we camped. Again, the kids had a blast!

Well, totally hoping (and needing) to get seriously crafty tomorrow. I'll be back later to post up what I get! I'm also still thinking about that little giveaway idea from a bit ago. Be on the lookout for that!

~Til next time <3


Lynn said...

Great pictures! Love the ones of your kids on the beach! The high that hot day in Astoria was 98 and it broke a record for the day from 1906! :) Got the same picture of the Goonies sign! We even got to talk to the owner of the house! Can't wait to see you scrap all these pictures!

Heather Lough said...

Fabulous pics Carly. I've never seen that sign in Astoria. In fact haven't ever spent too much time there. Did go up in the column once. Can't wait to see your layouts. Glad you had a good time despite the crazy hot weather.

LisaM said...

Awesome pics Carly! Glad you had a great time on vacation! Can't wait to see those layouts!

GinniG said...

Carly, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pics! I think your photog skills ROCK! :) Can't wait to see them in LOs! :) Glad you're back!

Lynette said...

Beautiful photos Carly. Seems as if you are having an awesome summer.