Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ready to Head Out... almost :)

It's a bit of craziness around here once again. We've finally wrapped up all of the birthday festivities just in time to shut down and pack up to head to the coast! This will be our first major trip in the trailer. Prior to this, the longest we'd been out for was an extended weekend (maybe 4 days, I think). We'll be gone or traveling for 7 days! It just makes me so happy!

The Oregon coast is absolutely one of my very favorite places to visit. We went several times to camp when I was growing up and have been there as a family, but never to camp with the kids. This will be a really exciting adventure for us-doubly so being as we'll also be there for the 4th! It's quite the drive from us, but we should be able to make it in about 9 hours since we're pulling the trailer too! (Not to mention all the potty breaks we'll need!)

On the scrappy front, I finally finished one page using some more Crate - Paper Doll papers. I had misplaced my sticker and border sheets I got with it, so now I'm planning one more project for A's room with what I have left. I'm almost positive this is from a PageMaps sketch (I'll need to go check!). My bobbin ran out right in the middle of this, so that totally freaked me out! I'm learning to breathe a little better when that happens though, and not get quite so stressed about it... :)

Well, I've probably procrastinated enough now... Time to gather some more laundry and see how the shopping list is shaping up! See you in a week or so with some beautiful ocean pics (and I'll even through in a Tillamook Cheese Factory one too!)

~Til next time <3

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Heather Lough said...

Gorgeous page Carly. I really need to try stitching on my pages.