Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some Fun with Best Creation

So I have to admit that I'd never really noticed the glittery company that is Best Creation until Punky Sprouts got to do a product swap with them last month. So imagine my surprise when I saw a design team call come up on ScrapCalls a few weeks back! The bad news was that it was right in the middle of all of our camping adventures. And the extra bad news was that I didn't have any other lines than the Back 2 School line I'd used for my Punky album. So... I decided I would double-duty my usual visits to LSSs while on vacation as a search for the latest and greatest in Best Creation goodness. Fortunately, I had some luck at an LSS I'd been to before in Warrenton, OR called Scrapbook Connection. Once I had some papers picked (so sad that they didn't carry any embellies), I could start planning out in my head some picture possibilties to scrap. Here's what I ended up creating...

From the gorgeous line, Travel Forever

Yeah, I totally staged those photos... Wouldn't you?? :) I think this might be my favorite line of theirs so far. But then again, I'm pretty partial to aqua and brown :) I even snuck in a little Punky with the canvas flower made from a Punky Stem!

photos by Jeff Tibeau

This one was one I acutally realized I had paper for. I can even find it listed on their site as a paper line, but it's theirs! This one is from Mr. & Mrs. I feel terrible, because I'd actually purchased this a couple years ago to scrap photos of my brother's wedding. Well... technically, these are from the wedding, just not of the bride and groom... *blush*  Guess now I'll have to go back and do some more! It's also using another amazing sketch from my favorite sketch artist, Ms. Becky Fleck! Love her stuff <3

Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Carly

*note- I've been working on this silly stinkin' post for quite some time... Either Blogger is having issues, or something's up with my laptop. It's time to LET IT GO and just push "publish"!


Amy said...

WOW gorgeous!!! And for the record yes I would stage pics too and shhh...I have. I mean you have to take a photo to go with your paper right?

Lynette said...

Gorgeous layouts Carly.