Friday, December 9, 2011

Punky and Pink Paislee

School's been pretty crazy this year. So many changes and so many things to keep up on. So my poor little blog here has taken a back seat. Sometimes you just need to let something go. I can't beat myself up about it. I know in the grand scheme of things it's the least of my concerns. I just hate seeing so many new DT calls out there and seeing one of the top items listed as having an "active" blog. I know, I need to get out into cyberspace more, but you know, I work outside the home. There's only so much I can do... Anyhow, thanks for letting me get that of my chest.

OK, how about a scrappy project? I know there is snow in many parts of my half of the globe, but I do have a great Halloween project Lynn just posted of mine on the Punky Sprouts blog. I got SO much stuff with this fabulous product swap with Pink Paislee! Seriously, it was so easy to put the album together once I had a chance to sit down with it. I was even able to pick out some cute pics of my little cuties from a couple of Halloweens ago :).

Punky Sprouts Teenie Beanie Sprout album
 featuring Pink Paislee Phantom

I don't really ever think of myself as much of a shabby or vintage scrapper, but this collection was so much fun. I'm totally going to do some layouts with it. Sorry for the glare in some of the photos. I only had glossy paper left at home and just couldn't find an angle that didn't catch some glare.
I just realized that this is my first blog post on my new computer. Hopefully this will help with finding time to post. With our desktop (piece of junk), it would literally take me more than an hour to upload a post that had any pictures in it. That doesn't even count the time it took if I had to upload and then edit the pics first! Yikes! No wonder I haven't been around here much! Well, with that and winter break coming in a week (YIPEE!) I will have a bit of extra time on my hands :) Happy dance here! Now all I need is to know there are some followers out there that haven't forgotten about me!

Thanks for hanging around!

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Jewels@Joy-n-Jesus said...

That is so so darn amazing! Thanks so much for coming by my blog! It is always so good to see your smile! Thanks! I hope to get back to some scrappin soon! :)