Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Weekend Bites the Dust!

Wow... time really flies... No, I mean REALLY!! This was a three-day-er for us, so I really can't believe that it is Sunday already. Today was sort of a sit around kind of day. Not a ton of anything in particular was really completed. Maybe some laundry, a scrap page, oh, and Paul discovered that our early freezing temps beat us to winterizing our trailer. Not such a great discovery- he went out to grab a pair of shoes and saw that there was an icicle hanging from the kitchen faucet! He made a call to a friend and was able to figure out how to take care of it! Phew! That's a HUGE relief! Luckily, all the lines appear to still be intact!

I somehow missed sketch #40 for 52 Weeks, but I went in and grabbed #39 anyhow while I was working on stuff for Scraps of Us and Nuts About Sketches. The papers in this are from my new Personal Scrapper kit. I am just in love with the Dream Street papers! I can't wait to find some more pics to use with them! We are hoping to get to the pumpkin patch next weekend, so that will provide me with some awesome autumn pics to use!

Just a quick post for today! Til next time!


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Lynette said...

A real pretty I want to go off and do a bit of color blocking myself:)