Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Blog Candy Possibilities...

I'm here spending time on the net and definitely not enough on scrapping... I went into my classroom for a bit yesterday and got the desks and whatnot somewhat ready to go. I think a couple more hours this week will get me to a safe spot and then I'll be ready for the real deal next week. (Yikes! Did I just say that? Next week??!!)

I do need to get on the scrapping though! Erica's got an awesome crop going on over at Personal Scrapper with 15 +1 challenges going on that are fantabulous!! I also need to work on a card from Get Sketchy. It will be hard not to just lift one from the DT because they are absolutely gorgeous!

I'm waiting on a total of 3 emails from different folks right now and am not being successful in the patience part... Maybe that's why I'm here and not getting something good done. Hmmm...

Oh, almost forgot! In all my surfing today, came across another awesome blog! Scrappin' Everday Life is celebrating a ONE YEAR mark! She's got loads of talent and is giving away some awesome blog candy! Check it out!
Now, you know how I like to keep these things for me, but again, I promised I'd spread the word! Go and see what she's got!
For now... <3

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