Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day!

We all survived! Thought that might be the most important info to share, particularly since I haven't posted in several days! J was such a trooper! I didn't really doubt that he would take everything in stride, but my motherly worrying took hold a couple of times! He loves his teacher (and she's already fessed up she feels the same about him!) The first two days came and went in a flash and he's already learned new things! He came home yesterday singing a song about how to spell "red" to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" I'm so very proud! :) Here are some pics I took of my great big, little guy on his great big day...

For those of us who worked on the first two days of school, well, we did ok too! They are such busy days, and I hate the feeling that I'm talking non-stop (probably because I DO talk non-stop!). Luckily, they do go by like a flash for us as well. The kids in my class did a great job, and we're getting things all settled. We even got to start on a few academic tasks!

Of course, all of this was what was taking priority in my life while I received a TON of other emails of the scrappy kind... I was a little overwhelmed for a day or so as I tried to tell myself that I hadn't taken on too much. As you know from my last post, Shawn has asked my to be a part of Nuts About Sketches (and of course I said yes!). Also, I've been asked to be a part of something else spectacular but I must wait for the official ok before posting anything more on that. Also, Scraps of Us is back on-line and better than ever! Vicki did a complete revamp on the site and it is great! Be sure to go take a look! Anyhow, over the next week or so, we'll get back into the grove we know all too well, and things will seem calm again... :)

I'm also awaiting the mail every day hoping for my scrappy goodies to arrive! My two blog candy packs should be here any time, and Vicki is posting my Scraps of Us pack any time now! And I also can't wait til Monday (that's payday around these parts!) so I can make an AWESOME purchase at Two Peas in a Bucket! I've got my cart all loaded up and am just waiting to purchase! Can't wait!

Til next time~ <3

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